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The Earth Charter

Like most Americans, you were undoubtedly shocked and outraged at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling that the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional. Now a much more blasphemous campaign has been launched that promotes neo-pagan, earth-centered spirituality.

The United Nations’ Earth Charter is coming to a community and school near you. Mikhail Gorbachev said "My hope is that this charter will be a kind of Ten Commandments, a ‘Sermon on the Mount,' that provides a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the next century and beyond."

Please take a few moments to read through the photo essay and accompanying article and then help inform your friends, neighbors, church and others by emailing this article or purchasing the reprint.

Photo Essay
This photo essay contains links to photos that T
HE NEW AMERICAN magazine was not given rights to publish in "The New World Religion" article.

The New World Religion - THE NEW AMERICAN - October 7, 2002
Presented to the world as a mystical revelation, the UN Earth Charter is actually a diabolical blueprint for global government.

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Rebutting Rockefeller - THE NEW AMERICAN - November 4, 2002
The chairman of the Earth Charter Drafting Committee takes issue with THE NEW AMERICAN'S exposé, "The New World Religion." The facts show that his objections are not sustainable.

The Potemkin Global Villages - THE NEW AMERICAN - November 4, 2002 - (232k PDF - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Far from representing "global civil society," the Earth Charter Community Summits were tiny gatherings of ultra-left activists financed by wealthy, one-world elitists.

"Ark of Hope" Comes to Rockford - THE NEW AMERICAN - December 16, 2002



Indoctrinating Our Youth in Earth Worship - $12.50

William F. Jasper, investigative reporter for THE NEW AMERICAN magazine, uncovers the real objective behind the Earth Charter. Many U.S. city and educational officials have already been persuaded to endorse this pro-UN manifesto. Learn why this campaign, masquerading as a plan to protect the environment, is potentially lethal to family, faith, and freedom. A must-see video presentation! (©2003 JBS Tapes, 22 minutes)

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